I am a designer and maker of things who tends to approach projects from both conceptual and practical angles.  Think…Draw…Make… and not necessarily in that order.  Growing up in the Central Valley, graduating from Florin High School, here in Sacramento, and earning my BArch from Woodbury University in San Diego, I am equipped with a refined skill set enabling my designs to be rooted in meaningful and contextual gestures, while being able to adapt to various environmental, political and cultural influences. Given the ingredients of my life:  A rural upbringing, travel abroad, a self proclaimed urban activist, wonderfully supportive family, and studies in Southern California, Mexico, and Central America, my designs are simultaneously sensitive to scale, environment and livability. An “approachable, simple, warm and modern” aesthetic best describes my design style with an affinity for all things up-cycled or re-used.  I allow materials to be expressed in their truest forms.  I crave a challenge—the more constraints, the more rigorous the design and ultimately, the better the end result…

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